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Finished the triathlon

I accomplished my two goals for the triathlon.

The first goal was not to die --> Success
The second goal was to finish --> Success

Now I need to improve and do another one.

Training for a triathlon any tips

Looking for tips on training for a triathlon. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone ever play Werewolves And Wanderer?

I read the book about creating Werewolves And Wanderer and thought it would be a great game to port to PHP. If anyone has any interest I will take a look at converting it to php. I will throw it up on my website for free too.

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Lots of things going on and happy for the holidays.

Six days of work left for me this year. Lots of vacation time to burn. I do not want to lose it.

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