Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Lots of things going on and happy for the holidays.

Six days of work left for me this year. Lots of vacation time to burn. I do not want to lose it.

New Ross, Indiana announces bike ride in June 2014

New Ross, Indiana announces bike ride in June 2014. More info to come in the future. It is a bike ride and not a race. Should be three different distance courses and should be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

New Ross Players featured in Civil Discourse Now 10-26-13 Podcast

Civil Discourse Now 10-26-13 Podcast

Mark Small goes festive this week. New Ross, Indiana, stages a play each year. After ten weeks of rehearsals in a local man’s barn, and two nights of dress rehearsal in the local fire station, citizens of New Ross stage two nights of a play with no charge for attendance. Any donations go to benefit a nature park the town has. “Indy Student” blogger Matt Stone will join us as we talk with local folks. We also shall discuss political topics of interest.

New Ross Players preparing for play production

Spooks Alive

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013 1:15 am

John Dykstra jdykstra@jrpress.com

The New Ross Players are getting into the Halloween spirit with their upcoming play “Spooks Alive,” which takes place at 4 p.m. Oct. 26 and 27 at the New Ross Fire Station.

The New Ross High School Class of 1963 performed the play 50 years ago, which inspired the Players to select it for this year’s production.

“Our previous productions were plays that were performed at the New Ross High School,” co-director Beth Binch said. “The script for this play was given to us to consider. It was performed at the high school 50 years ago by the class of 1963 and is a fun play so it seemed right to choose it for this year’s performance.”

The Players have been practicing the play in Homer Williams’ New Ross barn as they do every year. It will be the first production for five of the 15 cast members.

The play is a comedy about a family that tries to solve a mystery about a murder that took place 20 years in the past.

Those interested in attending the play can pick up tickets at Hoosier Heartland State Bank in New Ross. Tickets are free, but good will donations would be appreciated. The Players are using the play to raise funds for Leland Cornett Memorial Park and other community projects.

“This is a community event that involves not only the actors and crew but the people that come to watch the play as well,” Binch said. “An event such as this could not be successful without the participation and support of many, many individuals and businesses.”

McDonald's 2013 Monopoly codes

I went to MCDs and I got 8 codes.

I am not playing monopoly this year so someone out there can enjoy these codes.

Here is the first one:

Number two:

Number three:

Number four:

Number five:

Number six:

Number seven:

Number eight:

I will come out with the next seven in the near future. If you get the code msg me or tweet me back.

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