Very busy

Sorry for the lack of content but hopefully I can make up for it the rest of this year. I have been working real hard at work so not much time when I get home to post stuff on the internet.

Currently working on a good way to compare software on VMware. If you have any good ideas let me know. I have had several ups and downs working with VMware but overall it has worked great. I went into it knowing that there would be performance issues but wanted to know the extent of them. The start up time and cloning alone make it very useful compared to actual hardware.

I plan to add more content and youtube videos soon.

McDonald's Monopoly Snapfish promo Code 2012 monopoly

I will put a McDonald's Monopoly Snapfish promo code in this post sometime later today. Check back here often there is no telling when the code will be posted.

Here are the details on what to do with the code:
Here's your chance to grab a picture perfect prize! You could take home a pair of 5" x 7" photos by playing the MONOPOLY Game at McDonald's. Get ready to frame up your favorite photos in a flash!
Visit to learn more.

What you do is enter the promo code that I will be posting today and you get 2 free 5" X 7" photographs from Lucky you.

Promo Code: x2k3fklv3x4c

Whoever wins tweet me back.

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