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The ever expanding world of Jeff

Lets all Betty Boop

The thing in the Basement

I was the 593rd player to defeat The Thing in the Basement.

Current Mood

They say oh my god I see the way you shine

2020 Children’s book list

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House Book 1) The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House Book 2)

Crock pot pizza

I made crock pot pizza with my new crock pot and it turned out well. I will make again.

Doodling some more

Dinner with a cat

Doodles continue some more

Doing some laundry

Mood now

Marshmello – Fly

Doodles continued

Watching stranger things

In memoriam, my best friend

May 22, 2019 was the death of my best friend. I still do not understand how it happened or why. I have been leaving flowers on your grave to show that I still care. I can’t bring back what’s taken from me. I reach to the sky and call out your name. Maybe in another…
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