2020 Book list

  1. Outliers
  2. The Longest Ride
  3. Mort
  4. Pirates Past Noon
  5. The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts
  6. Freakonomics
  7. White Fang
  8. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Simple Home Repair
  9. Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope
  10. Master Builder Roblox
  11. On Stranger Tides
  12. The Origin of Species
  13. Attached

2020 Goals

  1. Redacted ███████████ – in process
  2. Redacted ███████████
  3. Read more books – 38 books last year is going to be hard to beat but I can try. -12 already so I am on track to beat 38 books.
  4. Year of the Rattie? – this is going to be a next year thing
  5. Review 2019 Goals – should be an easy one right except I can not find them. Lets just say last year was a hurricane that I survived and became stronger because of it. – Done
  6. Make a goals list of 10 or more – really throwing myself a softball here huh. – Done
  7. Under two hours for the Mini Marathon – exceptions will be made for others
  8. Finally run the Monumental Marathon – 26.2 miles baby
  9. Learn two things I have in mind – slow going on this.
  10. Work on website again – doing so and having fun.
  11. Try to update one page a day – seems to be a good challenge
  12. Mark off goal six already – yippee – Done
  13. Lucky number?
  14. Remind myself to make lucky number 11 instead of 13.
  15. Try out streaming
  16. 2019 Wash it all away!
  17. 2020 Best year ever!!!
  18. Try out ██████ again – slow going.

butter or cream

  1. Green I’m never shopping at woot! again. Until next time. Woot.com bag
  2. Mirage pet product
  3. Replacement flange chrome plated for tub or shower
  4. Canon 210XL Black
  5. Woot round lip gloss
  6. NHL sports watch
  7. Fantastic beasts and where to find them magical movie handbook
  8. Eco scholar conserve recycle notebook
  9. Nek light
  10. NMSUGIRL Aggies pants
  11. Football pebble grain feel case – Alabama Crimson tide
  12. Windows one rod pocket panels luxury satin stripes
  13. North Dakota state stacked vintage T-shirt
  14. 8×8 Iron on heat transfer for white material – once a pirate always a pirate
  15. Garden spray nozzle
  16. Two LED-Filament 4.5 W = 60 W Dimmable
  17. Reach Dentotape
  18. Noble Gems hand crafted glass christmas ornaments
  19. Silicon 3 egg rings
  20. Jet Pen

Mashed up and ready to serve

Maybe in another life
I could find you there
Pulled away before your time
I can’t deal, it’s so unfair
And it feels like
Heaven’s so far away
Yeah, it feels like
The world has grown cold
Now that you’ve gone away
I can’t bring back what’s taken from me
I’m on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell
Arms wide open
I stand alone
I heard from God today and she sounded just like me
I spoke to the devil today and he swears he’s not to blame
And I understood ’cause I feel the same

In memoriam of Tanner Whetstone

Tanner was a good dog to the end.  Tanner passed away on 9/11/19.  I got tanner in September 2009 and he was just about six pounds and very skinny.  We took good care of him and he gained weight to a healthy size of ten pounds.  My little curmudgeon is what I liked to call him but he was always good in his old age.  He was very good with William and Caroline.  He inspected and loved both of them instantly when they were born.  He got along well with Duke(dog) who passed in February 2017.  He got along well with our family cat Milo.  I am sad to see him go and in the way he went but he is in a better place now.  Goodbye Tanner.  

LE Birthday Bag Code Name Calamity

  1. Certificate of Crapthenticity
  2. Woot foam stress phone thing
  3. Green Woot bag
  4. Screaming monkey with two capes
  5. Green caped screaming monkey
  6. Woot 15th birthday shirt
  7. Woot keychain light
  8. Woot Pocket knife
  9. Shirt woot! mini plushie series two
  10. Woot Mouse
  11. Shirt woot! 4 pack magnet set
  12. Sleek Stopper
  13. Sterilite 2 liter container
  14. World’s greatest dad glass
  15. Mungi Bands
  16. Port and company ring spun grey ladies shirt
  17. #32 cotton wet mop head
  18. Pumpkin craft deluxe pumpkin carving kit
  19. iPhone 6 plus translucent impact absorbing case
  20. Hero Sticker
  21. Nintendo entertainment system NES classic edition

Bawk of Chickens

  • Green Woot bag
  • Woot chip clip
  • Womens chicago bears shirt
  • Texas laser tag plate
  • Houston Texans full zip track jacket 3XT
  • StickerKing
  • Georgia tech automotive team emblem
  • There was an old lady who swallowed a turkey
  • Sealing bag
  • Whats the word the card game

Braces on Chompers

  • Blue Woot Bag
  • Woot Chip Clip
  • Lewis Black In God We Trust Blu-ray
  • Textbook experiments for introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry
  • MBJ Womens mod mock neck sweater XL Teal
  • Samsung gear S2 Band Smartwatch band
  • Kool laces Dress shoe
  • Superior 6 W MR16 Dimmable LED
  • uxcell 22mm Locking 1 NO tor Selector Switch ZB2-BG21
  • Two black clips – I have no idea what these are
  • Sahr Issa trouble Afro Tongue
  • Kodak i55/i65 feed roller kit
  • Bic graphic tan hat
  • Wick and strom mini-tweezers twin set
  • Manicure beauty set