Book list for 2019

  1. The hardcore diaries by Mick Foley
  2. Springfield Confidential
  3. NecronomiconThe Wanderings of Alhazred
  4. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  5. From a Buick 8: A Novel
  6. Living with Complexity (The MIT Press)
  7. How to Make Maple Syrup: From Gathering Sap to Marketing Your Own Syrup. A Storey BASICS® Title
  8. Ulysses
  9. Incident at Vichy
  10. Indignation
  11. Planet Funny
  12. American Pastoral
  13. The compleat angler, Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton
  14. Death by Black Hole
  15. Saint Joan
  16. The Magic of Reality
  17. The Last Black Unicorn
  18. The Colour of Magic
  19. Native Son
  20. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  21. Lonesome Dove
  22. The Upside to Being Single
  23. Beyond the city
  24. The Light Fantastic
  25. The importance of being earnest
  26. Home repair that pays off
  27. The Notebook
  28. Blink
  29. The Crucible
  30. How to Lie With Statistics
  31. A walk to remember
  32. Prelude to Foundation
  33. Equal Rites
  34. Every Tool’s A Hammer Life Is What You Make It

Bag o’ Crap 9k9dfgjff

1. Bag of Texas air
2. Two Fantastic Beasts and where to find them magical movie handbook
3. Two Woot office pens
4. Woot Bag o’crap bag
5. Your value doesn’t decrease because someone doesn’t like you poster
6. Snorting pig – my kids are going to love this
7. Two Emojeez winter hats
8. Serotonin and the Dopamines the happiness tour hoodie
9. Basily Elite infuser water bottle
10. Ice Cube mold
11. Two kitchen sink strainers
12. Loofah back scrubber
13. Nesting Kitchen tongs
14. What’s the word? the card game
15. Brown folder
16. Big Mazes and more activities book

Beautiful Oreo Cake

1. ? paper bag
2. St Louis Rams bracelet
3. Teranostra cup holders
4. Woot Tissues
5. Bayou Natural Beard Comb
6. The Scribble squad in the weird wild west
7. Box with Door HNDL – Door handle?
8. Mystery white package feels like cloth inside
9. Star Wars Rogue One Captain Cassian Wobblers Bobble heads
10. Chloe and Oliver Ready or Nautical Red White and Blue Indoor/Outdoor Collection 12 by 20 inche lumbar reverse decorative pillow cover
11. Cathedral Art May/Emerald cross Bracelet 7 inch
12. Pure silk night sleep cap sleeping cap hat
13. Star Wars The Force Awakens micromachines Kylo Ren playcase
14. Mundial Knife protector
15. Four sets of Jets team collection cards
16. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Foil Balloon Birthday
17. Two Magic towels Molliedactyl
18. JVC Marshmallow
19. A fall themed decorative piece of cardboard
20. Two Konjac sponge
21. Duraskin Moisturizing foot socks
22. Chanukah Candles
23. LED Bicycle safety light (Black)
24. American Apparel “Real Women play Games”
25. Vakoo iPhone 6 Case
26. George Whimsical Garden Art Collapsible garden party flags
The mystery white package was actually this figure

Does anybody know what this is?

Mozambique Tilapia

I just got my Mozambique Tilapia on April 18, 2018. They arrived a little unexpectedly at 2:30 PM before I even got a shipping and tracking number. Turns out I got the shipping and tracking info at 3:30 PM about an hour after receiving the fish. They came in a well packaged USPS box with “Live Fish” and “Keep Warm” written on the box. I ordered ten fish and received 16 with one that did survive the journey for a total of 15 live fish. I quickly got a small 10 gallon tank set up and ready to add the fish too. Once I opened the package I got a bubbling stone going to give them some oxygen. They were warm and active the box had a small package of fish food and a heating pack in a Styrofoam box. I put the bag of fish into the 10 gallon take to get them used to the new tanks water temperature and released them later that night. I will try to take pictures of them as they grow.

____pleby’s (Titles by Coogles) Bag of Crap

1. Red kitchen rug
2. Medium the Empurr strikes back shirt
3. Three exfoliating bath sponges
4. Blue/grey lightweight hammock
5. Baldwin heavy duty diesel fuel sping on filter
6. Accusnap Rat Trap
7. Thermo hygro barometer alarm clock
8. Univeral component cables for Wii
9. Scott Foresman Science activity book
10. Home Value 2 – piece silicon baking molds
11. Smays for ipad4/3
12. Fire HD7 case
13. Disney Frozen school pencil plus pack of sticker earrings
14. Crappy Ice scrapper
15. Zig zag folio
16. Smart case for ipad
17. ? crap bag

The Lord of the Crap I

2018 first bag of crap Lord of the Crap I

1. Blue my crap bag
2. Red Caped Screaming monkey
3. Car charger quik Charger for AZDA?
4. Pueen White crocodile 11 pcs stainless steel manicure and pedicure kit
5. Westinghouse socket keys
6. Sleek Stopper
7. Crappy Ice scrapper – I wanted one of these after seeing everyone elses
8. Empty Igo wide mouth bottle with closure – new
9. Kitchen scoop
10. Bear Motion for kindle voya
11. La Giffe: “Love” set of 2 ceramic mugs, Blue [Italian Import] – New
12. Paris Lavender rack
13. Sargeant BBQ Apron
14. Shirt.Woot sticker
15. Woot medium shirt with the Tick, Earthworm Jim, and others on it

Book list for 2018

1. The story of mankind
2. The Count of Monte Cristo
3. The Story of Doctor Dolittle
4. The Winter of Our Discontent
5. Death Is a Lonely Business
6. The Scarlet Pimpernel
7. The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
8. Al Franken, Giant of the Senate
9. Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
10. Modern Romance
11. The Golden Apples of the Sun
12. Believe Me
13. Food: A Love Story
14. Thirty-nine years of short-term memory loss / Tom Davis
15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
16. The Scarlet Letter
17. The Call of the Wild
18. How to talk dirty and influence people
19. Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions
20. How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge
21. The Roald Dahl Collection
22. Frankenstein
23. Unqualified
24. The Discworld graphic novels – The colour of magic and The light fantastic
25. Armada
26. Endurance
27. I’m Fine…And Other Lies
28. A moveable feast
29. Failure Is Not an Option
30. And Then There Were None
31. Hidden Figures
32. Uncommon Type
33. The sun also rises
34. We the living
35. Johnny Tremain
36. The garden of Eden
37. Paradise Lost
38. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi & Toomai of the Elephants
39. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
40. The Millionaire Next Door
41. The Handmaid’s tale
42. Great American Suspense
43. Pride and Prejudice
44. Nemesis
45. 4:50 From Paddington
46. The Price