LE Birthday Bag Code Name Calamity

  1. Certificate of Crapthenticity
  2. Woot foam stress phone thing
  3. Green Woot bag
  4. Screaming monkey with two capes
  5. Green caped screaming monkey
  6. Woot 15th birthday shirt
  7. Woot keychain light
  8. Woot Pocket knife
  9. Shirt woot! mini plushie series two
  10. Woot Mouse
  11. Shirt woot! 4 pack magnet set
  12. Sleek Stopper
  13. Sterilite 2 liter container
  14. World’s greatest dad glass
  15. Mungi Bands
  16. Port and company ring spun grey ladies shirt
  17. #32 cotton wet mop head
  18. Pumpkin craft deluxe pumpkin carving kit
  19. iPhone 6 plus translucent impact absorbing case
  20. Hero Sticker
  21. Nintendo entertainment system NES classic edition

Bawk of Chickens

  • Green Woot bag
  • Woot chip clip
  • Womens chicago bears shirt
  • Texas laser tag plate
  • Houston Texans full zip track jacket 3XT
  • StickerKing
  • Georgia tech automotive team emblem
  • There was an old lady who swallowed a turkey
  • Sealing bag
  • Whats the word the card game

Braces on Chompers

  • Blue Woot Bag
  • Woot Chip Clip
  • Lewis Black In God We Trust Blu-ray
  • Textbook experiments for introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry
  • MBJ Womens mod mock neck sweater XL Teal
  • Samsung gear S2 Band Smartwatch band
  • Kool laces Dress shoe
  • Superior 6 W MR16 Dimmable LED
  • uxcell 22mm Locking 1 NO tor Selector Switch ZB2-BG21
  • Two black clips – I have no idea what these are
  • Sahr Issa trouble Afro Tongue
  • Kodak i55/i65 feed roller kit
  • Bic graphic tan hat
  • Wick and strom mini-tweezers twin set
  • Manicure beauty set

Bag o’ Crap vnv64jhsa6

  1. One ? crap bag
  2. How to catch an elf
  3. Red caped screaming monkey
  4. Metal paper towel holder
  5. Woot post-its
  6. Ultra Series performance LED Light Bulb 150 W Pac Lights
  7. Blue rug or pillow – have not opened yet
  8. Whack a mole
  9. Emoticon Finger puppets
  10. The Pop Cam
  11. Honeywell Tampon d’humidificateur de rechange avec

How much ATT(t) stock would you have to own to pay your bill with dividends?

Lets say your ATT phone bill costs $100 a month. How many shares of ATT stock(t) would you need to own to pay your bill by dividends alone? Ok lets see how much ATT stock(t) pays in dividends. ATT stock(t) pays $"0.52" a share. If your bill is $100 and they pay a dividend of $0.52 it would take 192.307692308 shares of stock. That leads to the next question of how much does 192.307692308 shares of ATT stock(t) cost to aquire? The latest price of ATT stock(t) is $38.25 So to get how much it would cost to own 192.307692308 shares of stock it would be 192.307692308 times the latest price of $38.25 which equals $7,355.77. This would be how much it would be to pay one bill but you get a bill each month and a dividend every three months so you would actually need three times the shares equalling 576.923076923 shares which would cost $22,067.31

Super Salmiakki

Have you ever tried Super Salmiakki? I ordered this from Fazer from amazon Super Salmiakki and it came in the mail from Finland. The product is made in Scandinavia and I kind of knew what to expect. I learned about Salmiakki from a podcast I listen to. I like black licorice and thought this sounds like it should be good. I was not prepared for how salty it was. Salmiakki is basically salted black licorice. I have to have mine with a glass of water. My wife tried it and gave up after one bite. I let my son have a little piece and he ended up spitting it in the trash. I initially did not like it either but finished my first one and said I would give it a try again. I have developed a bit of a taste for Salmiakki as an occasional sweet/salty snack. I still need a glass of water while eating them but enjoy the round little bits. The licorice is hard, but softer then hard candy. The kind of firmness that would stick to your teeth if you bite into it but not break them.

If you ever get a chance to try Salmiakki I would defiantly recommend it, but be warned that you might not like it at first because if you are used to sweet licorice and try Salmiakki the saltiness is almost overwhelming. If you do try it let me know what you think.

From a Buick 8 podcast

I finished From a Buick 8 a couple days ago and read the book because
Jim Stormdancer (of Frog Fractions and Video Games Hot Dog fame) was a guest on Kole Ross’s radio free midworld podcast https://www.radiofreemidworld.com/51

I am a fan of Stephen King’s writing and have read several of his books. This book was a bit different from some of the others. Jim and Kole do a good job of summarizing the book and events that happen while giving commentary on how they interpreted the different events. The book reminded me a little of The Tommyknockers which Jim and Kole mention in the podcast. Poor Mister Dillon reminded me a lot of Where the Red Fern Grows. Overall the book was interesting in the description of events that happen all because of a mysterious Buick 8.

Bag o’ Crap 23k2dzud2

  1. Woot bag
  2. Woot Pen
  3. Rechargeable UV bug zapper
  4. Seventh generation Extra strong tall kitchen drawstring trash bags
  5. Two Motorola VGA adapters
  6. Pocket comb and mirror combo
  7. Batman Watch
  8. Wine corkscrew
  9. 54 inch curtain
  10. Purple long sleeved shirt
  11. Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek shirt

Book list for 2019

  1. The hardcore diaries by Mick Foley
  2. Springfield Confidential
  3. NecronomiconThe Wanderings of Alhazred
  4. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  5. From a Buick 8: A Novel
  6. Living with Complexity (The MIT Press)
  7. How to Make Maple Syrup: From Gathering Sap to Marketing Your Own Syrup. A Storey BASICSĀ® Title
  8. Ulysses
  9. Incident at Vichy
  10. Indignation
  11. Planet Funny
  12. American Pastoral
  13. The compleat angler, Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton
  14. Death by Black Hole
  15. Saint Joan
  16. The Magic of Reality
  17. The Last Black Unicorn
  18. The Colour of Magic
  19. Native Son
  20. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  21. Lonesome Dove
  22. The Upside to Being Single
  23. Beyond the city
  24. The Light Fantastic
  25. The importance of being earnest
  26. Home repair that pays off
  27. The Notebook
  28. Blink
  29. The Crucible
  30. How to Lie With Statistics
  31. A walk to remember
  32. Prelude to Foundation
  33. Equal Rites
  34. Every Tool’s A Hammer Life Is What You Make It
  35. The Intern’s Handbook
  36. Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
  37. The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference
  38. You Are A Bad Ass

Bag o’ Crap 9k9dfgjff

1. Bag of Texas air
2. Two Fantastic Beasts and where to find them magical movie handbook
3. Two Woot office pens
4. Woot Bag o’crap bag
5. Your value doesn’t decrease because someone doesn’t like you poster
6. Snorting pig – my kids are going to love this
7. Two Emojeez winter hats
8. Serotonin and the Dopamines the happiness tour hoodie
9. Basily Elite infuser water bottle
10. Ice Cube mold
11. Two kitchen sink strainers
12. Loofah back scrubber
13. Nesting Kitchen tongs
14. What’s the word? the card game
15. Brown folder
16. Big Mazes and more activities book