How much ATT(t) stock would you have to own to pay your bill with dividends?

Lets say your ATT phone bill costs $100 a month. How many shares of ATT stock(t) would you need to own to pay your bill by dividends alone? Ok lets see how much ATT stock(t) pays in dividends. ATT stock(t) pays $0.52 a share. If your bill is $100 and they pay a dividend of $0.52 it would take 192.307692308 shares of stock. That leads to the next question of how much does 192.307692308 shares of ATT stock(t) cost to aquire? The latest price of ATT stock(t) is $18 So to get how much it would cost to own 192.307692308 shares of stock it would be 192.307692308 times the latest price of $18 which equals $3,461.54. This would be how much it would be to pay one bill but you get a bill each month and a dividend every three months so you would actually need three times the shares equalling 576.923076923 shares which would cost $10,384.62