2023 Goals

  1. Review 2022 Goals – Done
  2. Read 20 books.
  3. House plus electrical changes. Finish stage one of garage.
  4. Work on personal website more.
  5. Do more business than 2022.
  6. Working on business website.
  7. Look into more coaching opportunities – coaching basketball again.
  8. Coaching team members at work.
  9. Get back into piano – learn one song.
  10. Run mini-marathon – signed up.
  11. Run monumental marathon.
  12. 2023 Best year ever!!!
  13. Financial goals – 1.5x passive income from last year.
  14. Add more goals – planning in progress.

If you found my website from a dating profile.

If you found my website from a dating profile let me lay out some reasons why you should date me. First of all thank you for doing your research. Always check out a guy before dating them.

  • I cook.
  • I’m punctual.
  • I do what I say I’m going to do.
  • I like animals.
  • I’ll make you laugh.
  • I can fix stuff.
  • I’m tall. You can wear heels and I’ll still be a lot taller than you.
  • I plan dates and make reservations.
  • My insta @talthewicked