Sad Day

I am becoming sad that I will be leaving Caterpillar. I will miss this place and the wonderful people I have worked with. I did not know that the change from working as an intern to working full time would be this difficult. I have not even started my new job and the pressure is building on me to perform well.
With everything in life I welcome the change and hope for the best. My new job title sounds exciting and the people I will be working with seem energetic. So in closing it is sad to leave what I know well, but it is exciting to start a new experience. Wish me luck!

Cisco Vs Apple

It seems that Apple opened up a can of worms with the naming of the IPhone. Cisco has owned the rights for the IPhone name for quite some time now (since 2000 from Infogear). Cisco has opened a lawsuit against Apple over the name. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. It will probably end up with Apple paying a sum of money to Cisco or Apple changing the name of the phone to EyePhone.

Apple IPhone

Seems Apple has the right idea with the IPhone. Yesterday Apple release the news of the IPhone that is going to be for sale in the fourth quarter of the year. It looks like it has a lot of neat feature and will be very useful for a college student to use as an Ipod in addition to all the other distractions that are involved with college. IPhone yes it Rawks.