Added a forum

I just added The forum’s purpose is to answer computer hardware/software question. I found myself answering a lot of the same computer/software questions multiple times and thought to myself that it would be nice if there was a website that people could post these questions and get quick answers for free. It would also be nice for people to search for answer and find them immediately. That is how I came up with the idea.

NBC just cancelled My Name is Earl. Please join the twitition to save Earl!

Please follow @EarlTwitition save My Name Is Earl!
NBC release their 2009 fall line up and instead of Earl they are trying a new show called Community. It will star Chevy Chase and other SNL stars. Here is NBC’s 2009/2010 lineup.
If NBC does not change their mind or another network does not picks up My Name is Earl, it may be the end of TV watching for me.