Christopher Syn by Russell Thorndike and William Buchanan; Introduction By James Mason

I just finished reading Christopher Syn by Russell Thorndike and William Buchanan. The book is about the clever vicar of Dymchurch-under-the-Wall; Christopher Syn who leads the secret life of the scarecrow of Romney Marsh. Doctor Christopher Syn is not alone in his adventures he has the trusty sexton Mr. Mipps by day and the feared Hellspite at night. Dr. Syn has a small affection for the young Jenny Banks who is also in his gang of night riders known as Curlew. Dr. Syn and Mr. Mipps plan out their weekly raids on the King’s goods during the week and dispatch the information to the rest of the riders through the Dymchurch. Through out the book the scarecrow outsmarts the mad King George III until the King gets fed up and sends his best men to destroy Romney Marsh by picking away at the sea wall and flooding the marshland. Without ruining the ending the scarecrow finds a way to save the day and becomes a legend more feared then ever before. Christopher Syn by Russell Thorndike and William Buchanan was a very fun read Dr. Syn always had a very clever way to outsmart the King and his men. Dr. Syn was always thinking of ways to help the people as best he could. He is the Robin Hood of Romney Marsh. Dr. Syn’s character in this books is an adaptation by William Buchanan of the original 7 books published by Russell Thorndike.

Book Information:
Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Abelard Schuman (1960)
Subject: Smuggling, Rebels

Here is the book on amazon. It was quite hard to track down a copy but has a couple.