2000 Hits

This month I reached the 2000 hits mark. More and more people are coming to visit my site as I add more new content every week. Thank you all for visiting and I hope you return soon.

Bad Businesses

These are a few of the businesses I will never visit or use their products or services again.
1. Fedex – They charge a $10 fee just for a change of address, UPS does not charge anything. Use UPS or the USPS. In addition to the $10 charge they cost more initially to ship anything and usually are not any faster then USPS or the UPS. I am sticking with the good old postal service from now on.
2. Mike Razor Ford – The service department and repair shop over charges for everything and they add hidden fees. I had some service done to my vehicle and they added items to my bill that I did not agree upon. They also told me they would not charge me for a new belt and then did anyways. When I called to ask about the charge and to get rid of it they gave me the run around and offered a free oil change which was not even close to the value of the belt charge.
3. Tom Wood Automotive Group – I will never do business with any one affiliated with Tom Wood. A salesman named “Doc” was very rude tried to rush me and ended up lying to me to get me to purchase a vehicle. “Doc” pretty much promised me anything to get a car sale. What happened was that I was promised a certain amount off of the vehicle because I was a first time buyer. When the paperwork was drawn up that promise was not kept, I noticed it on the sales contract and brought it up with the financier, he said he didn’t know anything about it. “Doc” had failed to tell the financier and since the paperwork was already drawn up they could not change that, I was upset and said no deal and was ready to leave. “Doc” came back in and said he would make it better. The way they made it better was yet again another lie. They promised to make two payment on the vehicle for me right off the bat, that would have totaled more then the previous mentioned discount so I agreed. They never paid the two payment nor did they care once I signed the paperwork. I will never do business with them again.