Giving up my iPod for a Walkman


10 Most Influential Tech Products

Digital Trends has a very nice article about the 10 most influential Tech products. This is worth a read if you are into tech products from history:
10: The Desktop Computer
9: The Video Cassette Recorder
8: The Gaming Console
7: The Modem
6: The Computer Mouse
5: The Laser Printer
4: The Laptop Computer
3: The Digital Camera
2: The Cell Phone
1: The Smartphone

Microsoft sets record with monster Windows, IE, Office update

Patching an amazing 31 vulnerabilities, including bug used in Pwn2Own hacking contest to break IE8. Here is a computer world write up on the patches.
The patches contain fixes for Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Excel, Word, Windows Search and other programs, including 18 bugs marked “critical.”

If you like using Internet Explorer (IE) make sure you read this and get the security update: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-019 – Critical