4 Technologies on the Verge of Extinction

Much of the technology that we take for granted today is indistinguishable from what our ancestors would call magic. In the future, things like wireless electricity are likely to see close to magic in our eyes. We have advanced so far in the last 100 years, that it almost constitutes a miracle. Technological advances continue all the time, making our lives more convenient and entertaining. As we move forward, though, there is plenty of technology that will fall out of use and be relegated to the dust bin of history (or to the Smithsonian). Here are 4 relatively recent technologies that are on the verge of extinction:

1. Landline Telephones
2. DVDs
3. Cable-like TV
4. GPS Devices

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9 Tips For Working with MySQL Databases

MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) around, with over 6 million installations.

It’s a fantastic choice for any new developer, because of its open source nature, wide support and abundance of tutorials available on the subject.

Here are some great tips and tools (beside phpMyAdmin) to improve your MySQL coding, and to help you save time.

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Torchlight gets second place of RPGamer editor’s choice awards.

RPGamer.com has come out with its editor’s choice awards. Torchlight came in second behind Dragon Age: Origins it did beat out borderlands and several other ARPGS. This is a huge win for Runic games studio and Torchlight as a game. I can not get enough of the game. The mod community is great and there is always something to do in the town of torchlight. I can’t wait for the Torchlight MMO in the future.

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Apple Press Invitations Over the Years

Apple press events are to say the least, legendary.

The ultimate culmination of black turtlenecks, geeks and gadget lust. The iPods, the iPhones, the classic line “One more thing”, it’s all so magical. The legend continues once again now that Apple has finally confirmed a January 27th event by sending out the official press invitations this week.

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How to keep dust out of your PC

Techradar.com has an article about making home-made filters. Home-made filters are cheap and improve your PC’s reliability. I would read this with a grain of salt. This will impede air flow in your case. Adding these filters will slow down air flow but it will keep dust particles out of your fans and other parts. This is a great idea especially if it is done right and you get the right filters and have good fans in your case.

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Broadband Speeds Increase Around the World – But Not in the U.S.

Looking at data from the third quarter of 2009, content delivery network Akamai just announced that the average broadband speed in the U.S. declined by 2.4% in the third quarter of 2009 compared to the same quarter in 2008. In the U.S., Delaware currently leads with 7.2 Mbps, though it remains far behind South Korea, where the average speed is almost 15 Mpbs.

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