Super Salmiakki

Have you ever tried Super Salmiakki? I ordered this from Fazer from amazon Super Salmiakki and it came in the mail from Finland. The product is made in Scandinavia and I kind of knew what to expect. I learned about Salmiakki from a podcast I listen to. I like black licorice and thought this sounds like it should be good. I was not prepared for how salty it was. Salmiakki is basically salted black licorice. I have to have mine with a glass of water. My wife tried it and gave up after one bite. I let my son have a little piece and he ended up spitting it in the trash. I initially did not like it either but finished my first one and said I would give it a try again. I have developed a bit of a taste for Salmiakki as an occasional sweet/salty snack. I still need a glass of water while eating them but enjoy the round little bits. The licorice is hard, but softer then hard candy. The kind of firmness that would stick to your teeth if you bite into it but not break them.

If you ever get a chance to try Salmiakki I would defiantly recommend it, but be warned that you might not like it at first because if you are used to sweet licorice and try Salmiakki the saltiness is almost overwhelming. If you do try it let me know what you think.